Keri Hilson Says She Is Up For White Men And Then Clears Air After Being Trolled.

Ms. Keri loves having fun on Twitter. On Sunday night, she tweeted about how white men stay in her DMs and that she didn’t know they were on here like that.


Then some dude tried to shoot her shot and she JOKINGLY let him know that she is only here for white men. And, well, everything went all the way left.


See, Miss Keri, you can’t joke on Twitter anymore because people will take it seriously and now stupid websites will make articles out of-wait. Ignore that last part.


Either way, Twitter and the ashiest of the ashy had their mommas’ electric bills in a bun reacting to her so she has to clarify things. Peep the thread, the jokes and the reactions. Keri sure knows how to get the people going. Take a look…


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