911 Operator Gets Jail Term For Hanging Up On Thousands of callers.

A former 9-1-1 operator in Houston was just found guilty of interfering with emergency telephone calls, a misdemeanor according to the @HoustonChronicle. Crenshanda Williams was caught hanging up on thousands of people who called for assistance.

Back in 2016, Williams was caught after her supervisor noticed that she had thousands of calls that were only 20 seconds long. When police questioned her about this Williams said “that she often hangs up on calls that have not been connected because she did not want to talk to them at that time.”

Because Williams essentially neglected her duties, it cost a few lives. In March 2016, a woman called in to report shots fired at a convenience store, but Williams had hung up the phone and the store owner was shot dead before the woman could call back.

She has been sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months of probation.

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