Kim Kardashian Tries To Make Up With Beyoncé.

Kanye West and Jay Z’s relationship may have improved recently, but their wives, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé, are still locked in a bitter feud, can reveal.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is now groveling to Queen Bey to end the battle of the divas, a source told Radar.


“Kim’s tried everything to patch things up, but Bey won’t return calls and sticks her nose in the air on the rare occasions they bump into each other,” the spy said.

“Kim recently put her feelings in a letter to Beyonce, saying life’s too short and for both their families’ sake it’s time to put pettiness to one side,” the insider said.

Kardashian even tried to buy Bey’s love, sending a very pricey gift after the singer delivered twins last year, according to the source.


But, as Radar reported when it happened, an insider said Kardashian was “steaming mad” when she didn’t receive a “thank you” from Beyonce for the babies’ gift. “It’s a huge insult she simply shouldn’t have to tolerate,” the source noted.

The reality star has tried again but Beyonce hasn’t warmed to her.

“Kim is determined to take the higher ground and wear Beyoncé down eventually. But it’s so demoralizing in the meantime being frozen out like this!” the source told Radar.

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