Steven Pladl, 43, Incestous Dad kills Wife/Daughter,Infant Son And Commits Suicide.

An incestuous father who had a baby with his biological daughter is believed to have killed the infant in North Carolina before murdering the girl and her adoptive father 600 miles away and then turning the gun on himself.

Law enforcement officials in three states are working to untangle the chain of events that led to the deaths of four people, among them a seven-month-old boy.

Steven Pladl, 43, was discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a car parked in Dover, New York, at 8.40am on Thursday.

His biological daughter, whom he illegally married last July, 20-year-old Katie Pladl, was found dead in Connecticut along with her adoptive father, 56-year-old Anthony Fusco.

She was adopted and went looking for her real parents when she was 15. she started having an affair with her dad and her parents divorced. She moved in with her dad (and cut bio mom off) and they got married and she became pregnant. Her bio mom found out and went to the police. they were arrested and the dad only bailed himself out. The girl was left in jail until her adoptive parents bailed her out. She broke up with her dad/husband after getting out of jail. He went on a rampage and killed her, their baby and her adoptive dad

her bio mom maintains she was taking advantage of by a sick person because she was so young when it started

The baby boy named Bennett that Steven and Katie had together in September 2017 was discovered dead at a home in Knightdale, North Carolina, where the couple used to live, reported CBS17.


Steven Pladl was said to be still living in the home on Earlston Court.

Police who were called to the residence by Steven’s mother asking to perform a welfare check at 9am came upon the boy’s lifeless body.

No one else was in the home.

Pladl is believed to have killed his son after picking him up from his mother’s house in Cary on Wednesday night, where the child was living in her custody according to WTVR.

He then drove to New Milford, Connecticut, 600 miles away, and shot dead Katie and her adoptive dad as they sat in a pickup truck, before making his way across the state line and turning the gun on himself.

It is thought that Steven committed the murders because Katie had just broken up with him.

‘His wife broke up with him yesterday over the phone,’ Steven’s mother can be heard saying in a 911 recording.

‘She’s in New York and he told me he was on his way to her and then he was coming back.

‘He left the baby dead. He told me to call police and that I shouldn’t go over there.

‘He said the house is empty and he said he left a key under the front mat.’

She said Steven also told her he had killed Katie and her father.

During a press conference, Knightdale Police Chief Lawrence Capps confirmed all three murders and Steven Pladl’s suicide.

‘We are heart broken, saddened over the death of this child,’ Capps said.

‘And like you we’re trying to make sense of all the factors that lead up to this senseless taking of life.’


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