Kashdoll Really Upset Over Cardi B Receiving The Spirit of Detroit Award

Kashdoll, a Detroit  rapper, is not finding it funny after Cardi B was given the Spirit of Detroit Award. She feels it is ‘disrespectful ‘ that Cardi B have to get the award because there’s no indication for what Cardi B has done for Detroit to receive such award.

Social media lit up about the issue and Kash Doll tweeted her displeasure: “I can’t believe my city.”

According to Cardi B,  with her top song Bodak Yellow,  she was super excited about the award.

For her part, Cardi B thanked the city for her award.

“I feel very special and blessed Thank you CITY OF DETROIT for giving me THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT AWARD Thank you Hot 107.5 radio station for making it happen”

What are your views regarding this?  Do you think Cardi B did deserve the award?

Below is Cardi B with the Spirit of Detroit Award as posted on Instagram :

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