2 Charged With  Shooting death Of Georgia Detective ‘Kristen Hearne’

29 year old detective Kristen Hearne was shot and killed Friday morning while responding to a call involving a stolen vehicle from Tennessee–Georgia Bureau of Investigation 

She was assisting Officer David Goodrich. He was shot in his bulletproof vest. 

Seth Brandon Spangler, 31, and Samantha Roof, 22, were arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault. 

While checking on the vehicle, the GBI says the suspects walked out of a wooded area, then Spangler pulled out a handgun and fired.
Preliminary information from an autopsy shows Hearne was shot at least four times. The GBI says it is unlikely that a body armor vest would have saved her life.

Spangler and Roof fled the scene, prompting a search involving local, state, and federal agencies. Roof was caught a short time later. Spangler appeared out of the woods and was arrested around 3 p.m. Both are being held in the Polk County , GA jail.
FULL STORY: Click Here 

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