‘Rodrigo Alves’ Plastic Surgery Fanatic, Delayed At Dubai Airport Due To Unrecognisable Passport Picture

Rodrigo Alves, 34, plastic surgery fanatic was alleged detained, on arriving the airport in Dubai as officials felt his face was quite different from his passport picture. 

According to Rodrigo, who has spent thousands of pounds in altering his face, he was not recognised, leading to a wait in customs, but was treated well.

He told MailOnline: ‘I travel a lot and often I’m questioned about my identity by immigration officers in many countries – when I land at London City Airport which is a smaller airport where the immigration officers all know me. 

‘I landed few hours ago in Dubai and when I reached the counter the immigration officer, after scanning my passport and using a face recognition machine, he politely referred me to an office where I had to sit and wait for 3 hours.

‘I didn’t question what was going on because I have had the same situation when landing in NYC at JFK when I was questioned for one hour then once I told the immigration officer to look me up they all were very apologetic just saying that they were doing their job.

‘I was very well treated by the immigration officers in dubai. I didn’t question what was going on, for the three hours.

‘I was set down at a very comfy chair and sipping a lovely Arabic Tea just waiting for then to finish their job. Once it was done I as called and the officer gave me British passport back with a silver stamp on it asking me to go to desk number one, where I was then let into the country.’ 

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