Monifah Shelton Arrested At Kenneka Jenkins Protest

Monifah Shelton was arrested by the Police while protesting for going into the streets and causing disorder during the protest. Facebook have been tonguelashing her and saying hateful things to her for going for the protest and have been dissing her the friend who helped kill her best friend, Kanneka Jenkins.


I actually do feel sorry for her, what if she is innocent? She will be going through double pain, pain of loosing her bestie and pain of being tagged a murderer on social media and being told to kill herself.

Its really a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation she is in right now

Lamon Records, Joshua Gardener and a fourth person was also arrested for trespassing during protest. They are currently being bailed out by activist, Jedidiah Brown for $150

28 thoughts on “Monifah Shelton Arrested At Kenneka Jenkins Protest

  1. They took my post off bout that girl in the freezer (it was a organized crime) so i wrote a new one you guys will understand it very important important that it’s something wrong about the update if she was raped she would have have been screaming someone would of heard some type of battle ….. where the next door neighbor in that hotel they would made a complaint and even if she walked in the freezer alone But for what the Chicago cops are corrupted covering the largest evidence by Distractions you was distracted by the first video that had a audio clip insert that sounded like help me and this before the party that’s why you should never Make the license stating that you want to donate Organs cause when you go to the doctors already know your blood type she was never raped they made them boys make that text messages to cover up for now cause of autopsy proof they gave them a plea bargain and now they switching up because the court system is corrupt it will cost a lot especially time and at the end it will set the community to rise up with animosity question it 7 days since September 8th it three days before 911 where’s the autopsy hmmmm suspicious who saw her in the the freezer so that person call why is she stuck in the freezer unless theres a timing device attach to that system show me some evidence of that but why on her instagram she link this shouldnt there be a password for that account you dont want it to be hacked right she was snatched out from the lobby or that resturant the owner of that plaza hotel owns a harvest organ donor club see being white with money can get you out from a crime ……. there’s more of us and them they don’t want problems so they pretty much dismissed the charges the death was premeditated if the status gets erase then you know who did it #anotherfilelostfile #theywillnever #trytoresolvethis #justlikeacelebritydeath #causetheykilledher
    #whitneybobbi #ripKennekajenkins


    • First of all this is not of GOD. Trust me can’t fool Him,He knows and that sneaky girl with those shades on.Two guys came in and she ask what y’all fixes to do and then . the girl said something she turned up the music then she said what the fuck and turned up the music .them guys drug that girl.and she knows it what about ur daughter that u will have one day don’t put this on the police r the organ donor they to smart for this ALL Y’all Going to Prison.Because her beautiful spirit is going to speak what happened to her in JESUS NAME


  2. It hurt my heart she only 19 sumbody know sumthing and holding it in start saying sumthing cause all her friends was there how y’all do not hear nothing or see anything like I feel as if she was setup up like they say watz done and the dark would come to the light


  3. I saw this story on the internet for the first time on the 17th of September and became interested in knowing what happened to this young lady. I have listened to the tapes and viewed her wandering in the videos and I cannot make head or tail of what is going on with this accident or murder. It is extremely discouraging to hear young people speak only in Ebonics and lack a command of the English language because they are unable to express to police a chronicle of events. I know folks become angry when you say this, but our young people need to get back to basics and speaking correct English is basic…My English is far from perfect but listening to these young adults express themselves is downright painful…Please!


  4. All i can say is the Truth will come out all these tapes and videos aint making know since but respect to the family they will someday get the answer but get Monifah ass behind bars so she can tell how her Birthday Party was going she know something that’s all am saying prays differently goes out kennikas family


  5. This mom character worried about spelling but doesn’t say anything about this case. Oh I wouldn’t expect her too. She might be all aboard the racist train too. Thats not okay. Even if she didnt spell right or whatever, you still knew what she meant. People kill me trying to act like they are do proper and can’t do no wrong but, in reality they aren’t shit.


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