Mike Epps & His Estranged Wife ‘Mechelle McCain’ Finally Finalized Their Divorce 

The comedian finalized his divorce from Mechelle McCain Epps, and let’s just say sis is about to get paid.
Mike and Mechelle were married for 12 years so he has to pay her $25k a month in spousal support for 6 1/2 years. 
If Mechelle meets a new man and gets married then her payday from Mike ends. Aside from the spousal support, he also has to pay $15k a month in child support for their two kids.
Mechelle is also getting half of Mike’s royalties from some of his hit films like “The Hangover,” “Hancock” and “Girl Trip.”
Sis gets to keep her 2014 Bentley, 2013 Mercedes and 2013 Land Rover.
Mike isn’t losing any sleep over this though because he’s walking away with 10 of their properties and he gets to keep his luxurious cars.

#MikeEpps is officially a single man…legally.

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