16 Year Old Dominican Teen ‘Emely Peguero’ Boyfriend ‘Marlon Martinez’ Allegedly Confesses To Her Murder

The body of 16-year old Emely Peguero was found stuffed in a suitcase in La Guama, DominicanRepublic.

So far, we know that the girl was five months pregnant and according to reports, she never returned home after going to a doctor’s appointment with her boyfriend Marlon Martinez on August 23rd.
The man did not want Peguero to have the baby and neither did his mother Marlin Martinez. Since abortions are illegal in the Dominican Republic, Marlon performed a botched abortion on his girlfriend which led to her bleeding to death. He also appears to have hit her with a blunt object which fractured her skull.

Marlon Martinez has allegedly confessed to the murder and his mother Marlin allegedly helped him get rid of the body. 

Peguero’s family doesn’t believe they’ll receive total justice since the she works for the government.
We will keep you guys updated on this story…,

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