10 Years Old Boy Shot Dead And Many Other Wounded At Ekeukwu Market Demolition in Owerri, Imo State

Imo state government began the demolition of the famous Ekeukwu market in Owerri and it sparked off protests by the occupants which turned violent and at least a casualty has been recorded.

Multiple eye witnes accounts says the Federal Medical Center in Oweeri turned into a military hospital where several people with bullet wounds were rushed in after getting shot at by the army during violent protests at the market demolition.
Facebook user Onyii Ugwumba narrates the death of a 10 year old boy who was hit by a stray bullet saying, ‘I was still trying to comprehend when a 10yr old boy was rushed in. The boy had left their house to go and assist his mother pack their wares. A bullet from a trigger happy Army man hit the boy. A good samaritan rushed the the boy but it was soooo late. An only son of a trying to survive family. Every one in FMC this morning has cried out their eyes. Ohh God help your Children’.

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