3 Year Old Myles Hill Dies After Been Left In A Hot Van For 12 Hrs By Day Care Worker

Myles Hill, 3, of Orlando, Florida would have celebrated his 4th birthday later this month but he will never get that chance, because a day care worker left him in a hot van for nearly 12 hours, which resulted in his death.

Around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, August 7, 2017 police received a call about a child in a van in the parking lot outside of Little Miracles Academy Daycare.
When officers arrived at the day care, they found Myles deceased inside the vehicle.
Orlando Police Chief John Mina says that Myles was believed to have been inside the car since 9 a.m. Temperatures that day reached 93 degrees Fahrenheit.
Police say that a female day care worker, who has not been identified at this time, picked up Myles and other children from another day care location to take them to another Little Miracles Academy facility and did not realize that Myles was still in the van when they arrived. She told police she didn’t perform a head count.
When Myles did not arrive at his grandmother’s house Monday evening, she called 911 and the day care center. A worker checked the van and found Myles on the floor in the backseat of the vehicle.
Police believe that Myles’ death was heat related but are awaiting the autopsy results. Criminal charges will be placed against the day care worker after the autopsy is complete.
The Florida Department of Children and Families will be conducting an investigation on the day care center.
Just last month, Little Miracle’s Academy was cited for not properly logging the destination time, arrival time, destination location and departure location when children were being transported. Additionally, earlier this year the daycare was cited for not recording a signed Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirements form as well as for leaving 1-year-old children unattended.
This was a completely preventable death and it sickens me that a family is grieving tonight because of the negligence of someone who should have followed procedure to ensure this child wasn’t left in the vehicle. Rest peacefully Myles and happy 4th birthday in heaven…

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