‘Charlamagne tha God’ Protested By Transgender Community At Politicon In ‘Breakfast Club’

Charlamagne tha God is catching major heat from the transgender community after a guest on his radio show made a threat of violence against the LGBT group … and he’s feeling the pressure first hand at Politicon.

Charlamagne was speaking on stage Sunday at the political event in L.A., when what appears to be some advocates for trans people began shouting at him from the audience … telling him “We are not a joke … Trans people are not a joke.” 
Just last week, Charlamagne interviewed comedian Lil Duval on his show, “The Breakfast Club,” where Duval said if he ever discovered he’d been tricked into sleeping with a transgender woman … that woman would be “dying.” 
After Duval makes the controversial remark, Charlamagne and his crew do seem to condemn it by saying that would be a hate crime. Nonetheless … these folks clearly feel like he didn’t go far enough in batting down the violent notion. 
Now there’s a push on social media calling for a boycott of “The Breakfast Club.”

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