Sami Karra, Killed His Daughter Just One Day After Graduating  From High School For Dating A Muslim

It’s one thing to kill someone out of hate, but it’s another thing to kill your own daughter. A Christian dad is some serious trouble for stabbing his daughter to death because he didn’t approve of her relationship with a Muslim.
Sami Karra, 58 killed his daughter just one day after she graduated from high school after finding out she wanted to convert to Islam due to her boyfriend’s religious practices.
17-year-old Henriette Karra was in a relationship against her parents will, and even ran off to live with her boyfriend due to the non-stop harassment from her father. Her parents urged to come home but she refused. Henriette had also stayed with a friend and her father would send her threatening messages and was accused of slapping her. When Henriette returned home, her parents had already found out she was willing and ready to convert to Islam. Next thing you know, her father stabbed her three times killing her. 
 “Just like I sat in jail, I am ready to sit in jail my entire life, I don’t care,” was Karra’s last words to his daughter after being indicted the first time for abusing and threatening his daughter. 

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