Solomon Nyantakyi ‘Ghanaian Footballer’ Confessed To Have Murdered Mother And 11-Year-Old Sister

Solomon Nyantakyi has confessed to the double murder of his mother and 11-year-old sister after he was arrested by the police in Italy on Wednesday morning. The former Parma midfielder massacred his mother and sister with dozens of stab wounds on Tuesday afternoon in the family home in Via San Leonardo, Parma.  
Solomon was stopped in the Central Station in Milan by Police as he stepped off the train from Parma. After hours of questioning by the cops, the footballer gave in and admitted his responsibility. Now the prosecutor is preparing the firm case against him. 

The 21-year-old carried out the gristly murder in the house where the whole family – the mother, father, two sons and daughter live. The father was in London on officials duties when the footballer broke the family bond with the gruesome murder. 

The two bodies were discovered by the 25 year-old son, Raymond, as he returned home after his shift with an engineering company. His former Coaches reveal that Nyantakyi suffered from depression.

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